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IT Step University and IT Step Academy students can join Game & Design club.

The goal of the club

Сreating games in Virtual and Augmented Reality


The whole team works on a project. Several teams will be made and several products will be presented.

Game & Design club

This is the first club in IT Step University specialising in game development and design. The club was founded by Andrii Kogut and co-founded Nazar Grynchuk.

The club is open to the entire IT STEP community. IT STEP University teachers and IT specialists, who have experience in creating and designing games and virtual reality technologies, will be involved in club activities.

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Game & Design junior club

Game & Design junior club for kids studying in IT Step Academy is opened by our club. In future we plan to involve children from other educational institutions.


For those who like design we make a team specializing in design.

It's free

Participation in the club is free of charge. We are looking for members who are motivated to create products which meet people’s needs.


Students IT Step University

Founder Andriy Kogut and co-founder Nazar Grynchuk


The most important news in Game & Design club

Game & Design club organizes

8 December 2017 at 17:30

Review comedy film "Why him?" in English language , conference hall on the third floor


March 2015

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August 2015

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Senior Mobile Engineer SoftServe. Speaker in IT Step University. CEO and founder startup Severenity.
Oleg Novosad

Stydent at IT Step University. Founder Game & Design club and Game & Design junior club. Speaker in IT Step Academy
Andriy Kogut

Stydent at IT Step University and student at IT STEP Academy. Co-founder Game & Design club
Nazar Grynchuk


IT Step University

The first IT University in Ukraine.


The conference will have four sections: hybrid systems of computing intelligence, machine vision and image processing, dynamic data mining and data flows, large data analysis and modeling and data science.


Intelectual Decision-making systems and problems of computational intelligence.

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